Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Chicken Choices for Maple Lodge Farms

The Chicken Mafia has a few choices:  A) continue to deny, delay, stonewall, and resist; or    B) Admit it has serious problems in its defined processes, and poor compliance to those defined processes; then fix all those problems; or   C) Allow others (ie. Small Flockers) who don't have those dysfunctions to serve consumers who want humane chicken.

Here is the undercover video allegedly shot at Maple Lodge Farms' Ontario slaughter plant, then reported by Mercy For Animals.

For more, including a MFA petition see

Maple Lodge Farms is the largest chicken processor in Canada, exports chicken to 30 foreign countries, and is a prior winner of "50 Best Managed Companies in Canada" award.  Obviously, they knew better than this.  They had the sophistication and resources to do better than this.

How do we explain their alleged cruelty to dozens, if not thousands, of chickens?

On Maple Lodge Farm's Facebook page a posting at Mar. 29, 2015 8:29 AM by a Maple Lodge spokesperson blames the undercover videographer for continued abuse of the chickens because the videographer did not use the anonymous phone tip line to report known or suspected animal abuse.

Obviously, any of the hundreds of employees at Maple Lodge Farms could have picked up the phone, but none did.  Does this indicate that the abuse is a chronic accepted fact at Maple Lodge?  How else do we explain this?  It appears that this company, or at least this slaughter plant, is a toxic work environment needing a big shakeup.

What about the thousands of good, hard working employees at Maple Lodge Farms who were not involved in the abuse, and are just as appalled as the rest of Canada?  How do these previously proud employees explain to their family, friends, and neighbours about the Mark of Cain that Maple Lodge has tattooed upon them through no fault of these employees?

So what does the President of Maple Lodge Farms have to say about all this?  Here he is, fresh off YouTube, re-invented by their crisis media consultant with their soothing tones and politically correct phrases.  Give it a good, hard listen.

The word cloud from his speech looks pretty good.  Obviously professionally written.  You bought yourself the best speech money can buy.

Word Cloud from Speech by Michael Burrows, President of Maple Lodge Farms about animal abuse inside
their slaughter plant in Brampton ON

 Maple Lodge Farms has also issued a press release.

I have done a detailed analysis and recommendations, and a commentary from the vantage point of small flock chicken farmers, thinking about the steaming pile of chicken manure Mr. Burrows has thrown his company into.  My analysis of his amateurish attempt at a reassuring, yet shallow and unbelievable speech was done sentence by sentence.  It also provides a full, corrected transcript of his speech, as You Tube's version is a little garbled.  I hope it helps Maple Lodge quickly get onto the proper path, and mend their evil ways.

Note at the end where the Ontario Don of the Chicken Mafia clinches for his closeup, and says:

"If you feel we are falling short of these expectations, I invite you to let me know via the "Contact Us" page of our website."  

Michael Burrows CEO of Maple Lodge Farms

Well Mr. Burrows, I think both you and Maple Leaf Farms fall very short of the mark.

Hear me loud and clear, you have fallen short of my expectations.

Mercy for Animals Canada, at the end of their shocking documentary on Maple Lodge Farms’ dysfunctional chicken operations (Timestamp 3:10), said:

“Remember, you can withdraw your support from this cruel industry by leaving chickens off your dinner plate".

You and your company have damaged the entire chicken industry in Canada, and possibly Canada and the Canadian chicken industry internationally.

As one of the small flock chicken farmer in Ontario Canada, you have damaged me and my chicken farm.

In Luke 23:34, Jesus, while on the cross, said:

 “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

Incompetency and lack of awareness won Jesus’ recommendation for forgiveness.  It appears that you are incompetent, and lack awareness of both animal welfare and the managing of people.  Perhaps you should be forgiven for your failings and sins too.

Someday, I hope to forgive you.  However, I will never forget what you have done to those unfortunate chicken, to me, to all the other chicken farmers, and to Canada.

Oscar Wilde said,

“Every Saint has a past, and every Sinner has a future.”

Let us hope that applies to you, your sordid past, and your potentially illustrious future as a Chicken Mafia millionaire.

*  *  *

I'm done with them and their Chicken Mafia brotherhood.  Now it's your turn.

Do you have some comments you'd like to make to Maple Lodge Farms, and their President Michael Burrows?  If yes, here are the links.  Let them know how you truly feel.

Email Maple Lodge Farms

"Contact Us" page of  Maple Lodge Farms website page

Comparative Advantage Of Production

Chicken Farmers of Canada ("CFC") is supposed to be allocating additional quota based on a provinces "comparative advantage of production".  How well did CFC do on this responsibility.

Yesterday's Blog posting used Lloydminster, a city on the provincial border between Alberta and Saskatchewan, to examine the impoact of CFC's MOU for the Chicken Wars (see Chicken For Lloydminster.

As mentioned there, Canada's Farm Products Agencies Act requires CFC to consider "comparative advantage of production" to assign additional quota.

What exactly is "comparative advantage of production"?

You can read more about it here, here, and here.

I'm not sure who was advising CFC when they came up with their bastardized lists of factors for the assignment of chicken quota according to their MOU, but they certainly have little to do with "comparative advantage" as I understand the terms.

If I am wrong, let CFC disclose overwhelming evidence that the 7 factors they have chosen:
  • Provincial shares of national base allocation,
  • Population growth;
  • Income - based Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth;
  • Consumer Price Index,
  • Farm Input Price Index,
  • Quota utilization; and
  • Further processing and supply share.
as CFC has done in Section 1.(1.1).(A) of their Memorandum of Understanding are indeed factors for "comparative advantage of production".

If CFC is unwilling or unable to convince me and all other Canadians, then CFC needs to fix its mistake.

Why would CFC do such a crazy thing?

Because CFC realized their government masters were getting impatient with CFC about the chronic squabbling, and Alberta finally leaving the Federal-Provincial Agreement Chicken 2001.  That dirty laundry in public was an embarrassment, and had to be eliminated pronto.

CFC let the kids decide that candy would be served as the main course at all meals, they could watch TV all day, and could go to bed whenever they felt like it.  What kid wouldn't agree to accept negotiated terms like that?  CFC abdicated and capitulated to everybody's wanton depravity so as to get a quick deal.

In doing this deal, CFC has kicked Canada's Supply Management System out of orbit, and on a course heading into deep outer space.  Soon, we will be into uncharted space.

All of this has untold risks to Canadian chicken consumers.

Because Supply Management is a private world unto itself, only those who are "directly" affected by CFC's nonsense can complain.  All others must sit still, speak only when spoken to, and mind our own business.  CFC gets to destroy everybody but we, the public, must grin and bear the slow torture inflicted by CFC.

Thanks CFC!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Chicken for Lloydminster

Lloydminster straddles the border between the two Canadian Provinces Alberta and Saskatchewan.  Where should the people and grocery stores of Lloydminster buy their chicken from, Alberta or Saskatchewan?
Lloydminster (red square above) is located smack dab
on the provincial border between Alberta (AB) and
Saskatchewan (SK), two Western Provinces of Canada
(overall map of Canada in bottom left corner).  Map
derived from Wikipedia

Lloydminster has been incorporated by both provinces as one city.  Lloydminster is not a twin city that happens to have the same name in both provinces. Lloydminster is one city, with half the city in Alberta, the other half in Saskatchewan.  Lloydminster is unique.

I believe Lloydminster can held end Canada's Chicken War.

Inter-Provincial Trade

In the Canadian Constitution, right from the start of Canada back in 1867, inter-provincial trade is guaranteed to be free and fair.

More recently, Canada and all the Provinces have signed an Agreement on Internal Trade which minimizes or eliminates barriers to internal trade between Canadian provinces.

Therefore, the good people of Lloydminster should be able to decide if they want to shop in either Alberta or Saskatchewan, then return home with their groceries and other purchases. The same goes for any grocery stores in Lloydminster, or elsewhere in Canada.  Everybody has the right to have suppliers and/or customers from any province.

Canadian constitutional law experts say,

“The flow of interprovincial trade, as a legislative subject matter, is within Parliament's jurisdiction over the regulation of trade and commerce pursuant to section 91(2) of the Constitution Act, 1867.  As a result, provincial legislatures cannot pass laws prohibiting extra-provincial transactions. However, pursuant to sections 92(13) and 92(16) of the Constitution Act, 1867, provincial legislatures may pass laws respecting local trade."
That constitutional expert also speaks about "disproportionate impact" where a provincial law on a matter of provincial jurisdiction has a secondary effect that purposefully or inadvertently impedes the flow of inter-provincial trade which are not necessary to implement the objectives of provincial legislation.  In that case, those superfluous clauses in the provincial law would be repugnant to the Federal jurisdiction of inter-provincial trade under Section 91(2) of the Constitution Act, and would therefore be unconstitutional.

With free trade between provinces, you'd think that the quality and price would be the same and similar in all provinces of Canada  for commodity goods such as chicken, as chicken is grown in every province and is easily transported.  Let's check that assumption.

Using Agriculture & Agri-Foods Canada's Table 31N data for 2014 on Weighted Average Retail Poultry And Table Egg Prices Report we see that chicken prices between Alberta and Saskatchewan vary from a ratio of 0.66 (Alberta 34% cheaper) to 1.85 (Saskatchewan 85% cheaper), with an average price ratio of 1.02 (Saskatchewan 2% cheaper) and a median price ratio of 0.99 (Alberta 1% cheaper).

Fresh Whole Chicken Retail Price Ratio between Alberta and Saskatchewan for 2014

There are some very significant price swings (for unknown reasons) on a month-to-month basis between Alberta and Saskatchewan, as much as 85% for the various types of chicken (eg. whole, fresh, frozen, wings, legs, breast, thighs, etc.) in the same month. These swings indicate to me that there were competitive forces at work during 2014 somewhere in the value added chain (eg. at either farm, processors, wholesale, or retail).  If the price ratio between AB and SK was constant each and every month, price fixing would be the obvious cause.  I assume that independent grocery stores in Lloydminster who care about their customers (and their own profits) will call two different wholesale suppliers, one on each side of the border, then buy from the cheapest.  Consumers likely do the same, as it's just across Meridian Street in downtown Lloydminster to get cheaper chicken; perhaps as much as 85% cheaper.

Provincial Goals

Each of the provinces of Canada seem to feel that their province should be self-sufficient for chicken.  In other words, if it is eaten in-Province, it's grown in-Province.  I can understand and support that goal, but the key is how they go about accomplishing that goal.

That is why there has been a huge squabble between everybody at the board table of Chicken Farmers of Canada ("CFC") as they set the provincial quota allocations for all of Canada.  Alberta dropped out of the Federal-Provincial Agreement Chicken, 2001, and then agreed to re-join when they were finally offered a better deal. After years of argument, a tentative solution was found.  On Nov. 20, 2014 CFC announced a truce was reached with all parties on the new chicken allocation agreement (ie. the Memorandum Of Understanding, "MOU").  Both Alberta and Ontario would be given a greater share of the chicken production allocation to feed their growing population.

This week we learn that while CFC's MOU deal was tentatively accepted by the provincial representatives at the CFC Board table, the chicken processors in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have all filed appeals with their provincial governments over the new national chicken allocation policy.

Personally, I'm surprised that Quebec and the East Coast didn't complain too.

Where does all this leave Lloydminster, otherwise than on the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan?

If the Chicken Mafia from outside a province are prohibited  from serving customers within that neighbouring province, then the residents and processors within each province are trapped victims, at the mercy of their local branch of the Chicken Mafia.  Sound familiar?

Section 23.(2) of the Federal Farm Products Agencies Act ("FPAA") says:
 "In allocating additional quotas for anticipated growth of market demand, an agency shall consider the principle of comparative advantage of production."
What that means to me is that CFC should be allocating additional chicken quota to the most efficient producer of that chicken, which should provide the lowest cost chicken that meets the quality standard required.

Lloydminster's Chicken Divide

Let's assume that on one side of Meridian St. in Lloydminster, the chicken producers and processors rest on their laurels, chicken productivity drops, and retail prices climb.  On the opposite side of Meridian St., they are the most industrious of all chicken producers and processors, continuously improving, and doing their very best for their retail customers, causing retail chicken prices to drop continuously, month after month.  Soon there is a drastic Chicken Divide in Lloydminster, with huge retail price differences for chicken, depending if you are on the East side or the West side of Meridian St. in Lloydminster.

According to the FPAA, CFC should give any additional quota allocation to the more efficient side of Lloydminster, so that the people do not suffer, but can benefit from the innovative and effective chicken supplies from the better side.  This also reward the most effective of the Chicken Mafia, encouraging them to continue on the same path, and for others to follow in their footsteps.

What do you think the smart people of Lloydminster will do if instead of more chicken made available from the cheapest & best supplier, CFC came up with some weird and dysfunctional MOU formula for allocation of additional chicken quota based on:
  • Provincial shares of national base allocation,
  • Population growth;
  • Income - based Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth;
  • Consumer Price Index,
  • Farm Input Price Index,
  • Quota utilization; and
  • Further processing and supply share.
as CFC has done in Section 1.(1.1).(A) of their Memorandum of Understanding?

The social activist people of Lloydminster are smart people who care about their chicken.  I believe Lloydminster consumers will get in their cars and drive to the better side of Meridian St., and buy all of their chicken there.  Neighbours will help buy for each other, crossing Meridian St. so as to save the cost of Chicken Commuter traffic.  Chicken processors in Lloydminster will call up the farmers on the good side of Meridian St., and order their next truckload of chicken from the good side.

Would anybody do otherwise?

Lloydminster is a special place, easy to use as an example to help guide CFC, and the Federal and Provincial Governments to finally understand.  However, every other city and village within Canada is no different, as all of us want what Lloydminster has:  CHOICE.

If all those sitting at CFC's Board Table can work together to develop an MOU that works for Lloydminster, I suggest it will work for the rest of Canada.

Perhaps CFC can quickly construct a live game scenario (ie. like playing Monopoly) with three chicken farmers, three chicken processors, and three consumers on each side of Lloydminster's Meridian St..  The dice can be rolled 7 times at the beginning of each round to simulate each of the 7 MOU variables for that round.  Farmers and producers can set their prices.  Producers can then decide who they will buy from, and how much chicken they will buy.  Then the consumers can decide who they will buy from.  Each player sets their strategy and take turns responding to what all other players did in their previous turn in the previous round.  After 3 to 30 rounds, it should be obvious to all those present if CFC's current MOU has any hope of working.  Then CFC can help them draft the "Lloydminster Chicken MOU", something that will really work.

Will the Chicken Mafia listen & learn, or will they continue making one disastrous mistake after another,  driving a wedge deeply between the warring chicken factions, and a stake through the heart of chicken consumers.

When will they learn that people want safe, nutritious, affordable chicken?

People do not want a bunch of gamesmanship on how to become chicken millionaires.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Small Flockers: Can they Save the World?

The chicken factory farm CAFO's and their partners in crime, the huge multi-million dollar chicken slaughtering & processing plants claim only they can feed the world.  Are they right, or is there an opportunity for Small Flockers to help or lead the world to safer, better, more affordable food.

I previously posted on this Blog about the quality and safety of the chickens produced by Small Flockers.  Let's compare that Small Flock farmers to the CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) factory farms and huge slaughter plants that I call the Chicken Mafia under Canada's Supply Management monopoly.

In a previous Blog posting, we mentioned how a farmer with a sharp knife can slaughter chickens so they have only 133 CFU (Colony Forming Units) of bacterial contamination on the chicken.  Alternatively, the Chicken Mafia's multi-million dollar mega chicken factories regularly use their high speed, expensive machines, plus are forced to dunk and soak the chickens in many different baths of strong, noxious chemicals so as to kill or wash away some  of the bacterial contamination their system has created, and with all that, the Chicken Mafia are only able to achieve 3600 CFU's.  The Chicken Mafia has 27 times higher contamination than one farmer with a sharp knife in his hand.  See Hope for Mega Meat Manufacturers?

Does that differential of contamination for Canadian chicken really make a significant difference?

In a previous Blog posting, we estimated that 2.7 Canadians are killed each year from the Chicken Mafia's CAFO-contaminated chicken, raised and processed in Canada.  We therefore conclude that if all of the chicken was processed on the farm by a farmer and his sharp knife (a technique proven to work for centuries), the death rate from chicken contamination would be at or close to zero.

OK, so the Small Flock farmers clearly win on the food quality and safety issues.  But can they produce sufficient chicken to feed everybody?

Most people assume that growing and processing millions of chickens requires economy of scales.  The public doesn't like it, but they assume that chicken factories are a necessary evil if we are to have cheap chicken in sufficient quantity.

Small Flock Farmers would like to say "Chicken Manure!" to those assumptions promoted by the Chicken Mafia's propaganda.  This is the same as Bull Shit!, but more species appropriate.  You are being hoodwinked by the Chicken Mafia's propaganda.

In a video taken at an event sponsored by Mother Earth Magazine, and starring Joel Salatin, a Small Flock farmer extraordinaire in Virginia USA, Joel explains how his on-farm chicken slaughter system uses an 8 person crew set up in his farm pasture, and he can process 200 birds per hour.  Joel can eviscerated a plucked chicken, ready for oven in 30 seconds each, working at a pace he can sustain all day long. See the video below at Timestamp 49:29 (just before the end of the video).  With 8 people producing 200 birds per hour, that is a productivity of 25 birds per person-hr (ie. 200/8= 25 birds per person-hrs worked).

A chicken hanging in shackles of a chicken processing
machine at a Canadian slaughter plant.

Large Canadian slaughter plants, using the same or similar
equipment, machinery, and chemicals as their US neighbours,
are a marvel of stainless steel engineered complexity, able to
process up to 25,000 broiler chickens per hour.  That is 7
chickens every second.  How can anybody, even the most
dedicated inspector, look inside, outside & all around each
chicken at these blurring speeds?

Joel claims that the biggest and best multi-million $ processing plant owned by Tyson Foods, the largest chicken producer in the world, also produces chicken at 25 birds per person-hr.  Large chicken processing plants in Canada can process up to 25,000 broiler chickens per hour.

So if a farmer with less than $5,000 in equipment can equal or beat a $50 Million chicken processing plant, which solution is the better one?

Before you answer, look at the picture and caption at the right, and read here about the chronic, massive bacterial contamination of chicken sold at Canadian retail stores.  Read here about the contaminated chicken imported into Canada from the US and elsewhere.  Then read here about the unlimited chicken slaughter processing speeds and the resulting worsening of chicken contamination from the Chicken Mafia's messy slaughter process.

Small Flockers are obviously the way to go.

If you are a member of the Canadian Chicken Mafia, and you have some objective facts you'd like to share, to either agree or refute the facts presented above, please post your information below, or I will give you an entire guest posting to state your case.

How much do you bet all we'll hear is dead silence from the Chicken Mafia, or crickets chirping?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

CFO Talks A Perfect Game

At least Chicken Farmers of Ontario ("CFO") knows what people want to hear and read.  Their 2014 Annual Report is a masterpiece in propaganda and political correctness.  While CFO says all the right words, have they provided any objective evidence to prove they achieved any of their talk?
CFO's 2014 Annual Report has been discussed for the last 3 days (see here and here). In their report, CFO says:

  • Taking Performance to the Next Level
  • CFO is relentlessly focused on achieving our full potential
  • Business as usual is not an option.
  • Our focus is to be better.
  • Our goal is to make a difference.
  • And so forth for a total of 32 pages of rainbows and unicorns

  • So where are all the results from all of CFO's pomposity, promises, and  propaganda?

    From an outsider's prospective, I see the following changes and improvements for CFO in 2014:
    • CFO re-decorated the office to a brighter shade of red, more consistent with CFO's corporate colours
    • CFO has implemented (or is still implementing) their very expensive and complicated SAP software (ie. "CFO Connects") that the Canadian and Ontario taxpayers bought for them.  So much for CFO being "self funded"
    • CFO's revenue has dropped by 9.5% from 2013.
    • CFO's expenditures have dropped 2.2% from 2013 (before extraordinary items)
    • CFO has spent a total of $1.5 Million trying to figure out (or to lobby the government and other stakeholders) how to set the farm gate price of chicken in a more advantageous manner for CFO and its millionaire chicken producers.
    CFO says the key projects that it worked on during 2014 are:   price reform, business development (specialty breeds), allocating growth and emergency management systems.

    CFO spent 44% less on its projects in 2014 than what they spent in 2013.  Does that mean CFO did 44% less work, or they were 44% more efficient in carrying out their projects?  CFO may know, but they aren't telling the rest of us.  I guess it's a secret.

    Stalin's Russia shared more info on their 5 years Plan implementations than what CFO shares.

    Perhaps CFO should talk to their many management consultants they hire about how to do Strategic Planning, openness, and accountability.

    What I expect is PLAN, DO, CHECK, IMPROVE (Deming's Cycle).

    1.  Each year, CFO should say what they are going to do, and the expected results that will be achieved.
    2. CFO implements their plan.
    3. CFO checks and measures the effectiveness of their plan implementation, and the results achieved.
    4. CFO improves their systems (ie. planning, implementation, checking, etc.), then repeat the whole process for the following year.
    In that manner, there's openness, transparency, and accountability.

    Until that happens, CFO deals solely in lobbying and propaganda; nothing more, nothing less.  Most unfortunate!


    Monday, March 23, 2015

    It's All About CFO

    On reading CFO's Annual Report for 2014, you quickly learn who is the star of the show in CFO's eyes:  it's CFO.  To me, the public and the consumers should be front & center, not CFO.  Perhaps that is why CFO and I don't see eye to eye on many topics.

    I previously did a word cloud on a CFO document in June 2013 when CFO announced they were going to look at improving their Cost of Production (see Blog Posting Congratulations CFO!).  In that document, COPF (Cost Of Production Formula) had the lead and starring role at center stage, and CFO was way back in the pack, a mere Extra in the crowd for the performance.

    Word Cloud for CFO's Annual Report for 2014.  The
    font size is proportional to the frequency of occurrence.
    Guess who is most important in CFO's mind?  If you
    magnify the image, you can barely see "consumer" in
    the microprint font size, located 6 lines above the "F"
    in "CFO", just below "management".
    In yesterdays posting (see CFO's Mission & Role ).we discussed CFO's wrong headed and misleading corporate Mission.  At least in CFO's self declared Mission and roles, they admit that they are stewards.

    In other words, CFO is a trustee, charged with the duty of properly serving the best interests of their beneficiaries:  the Ontario consumers of chicken.

    Today, we do another word cloud on CFO's Annual Report for 2014.  Click on the image for a bigger version, or download a pdf copy here

    As a parent, I try to keep in mind, and teach my kids that this world isn't all about me, nor my kids.  It seems CFO hasn't yet learned that lesson.  CFO wants to star in their own movie, then tries to steal the show, thereby ruining the movie for everybody else, including the audience.  That's why "CFO" is in the biggest font size in the Word Cloud to the right.

    If you click on the Word Cloud image at the right, and maximize the magnification, you can barely see the microprint where "consumer" is a mere extra in CFO's movie, pushed to the wings, barely on the stage at all.

    Other important words like quality, continuous improvement, affordable chicken, expectations, etc. are either totally absent, or you need an electron microscope to see them because the Word Cloud font used is so small.

    To me, the consumer should be the star of the show, placed center stage.

    Would you donate to a charity where the charity's CEO acted like a rock star who could never get enough publicity for himself?  Those beneficiaries whom the charity is trying to help should be the focus of attention, not the narcissistic CEO.

    CFO needs their wings clipped, and maybe a liitle more.
    I believe it should be the same for CFO and all of the other Supply Management Mafia.  The consumers are #1, not CFO.

    It's about time that the narcissistic CFO learned this lesson that CFO isn't the most important organization in the world.  Perhaps CFO needs their wings to be clipped so they come back down to Earth with us mere mortals.

    Perhaps OFPMC, if they were doing their job in the best interests of the public, should get out their wing clippers and snip off some of CFO's proud peacock plumage.

    If and when that occurs, it's going to be a very strange world.  I can't wait to see the sight of a bald, bare ass CFO running around the barnyard.

    Sunday, March 22, 2015

    CFO's Mission & Role

    Chicken Farmers of Ontario ("CFO") has a Mission and a defined role.  Is it the correct role?  Is it well executed?  Let's take a quick look.  Who is CFO supposed to be working for?

    CFO's latest annual report (2014) has been recently published.  On page 3, CFO declares its Mission and purpose.

    CFO's Mission is stated as:
    Deliver strategy‑driven and entrepreneurial leadership that builds economic value for the Ontario chicken industry
    What exactly does CFO mean by this?

    Wikipedia provides a military definition of these terms:
    "Strategy is undertaken before the battle. Tactics are implemented during battle."
    A Small Business Internet magazine provides a business interpretation, which seems more aligned to what CFO (or CFO's high priced management consultant who dreamed up these words) likely had in mind:
    Figure 1:  CO's Infographic for their Strategic Plan
    "Strategy refers to a direction toward a goal. Tactics are the actions taken to support that strategy. Most businesses deal with five types of strategy and the tactics used to achieve strategic goals: product, pricing, marketing, operational and financial strategies."
    CFO provides a nifty infographic, showing CFO's purpose, 3 strategic roles, 5 business operating strategies, 3 enabling resources, and 5 key performance areas.

    The problem with all this is starting with an assumption or an incorrect premise, this sets CFO off in the wrong direction.

    I agree with CFO's Strategic Roles:
    • Supply Management Steward & Regulator
    • Farmer-Member Business Advocate
    • Industry Value Chain Partner
    There is no doubt that all of these are true, proper, and valuable.  Lets dig deeply on the first and foremost, namely "Supply Management Steward & Regulator".

    "Steward" is defined as:   " One who manages another's property, finances, or other affairs."

    This means that the Supply Management system does not belong to CFO, it belongs to somebody else, somebody that CFO is supposed to be working for, doing their very best to achieve the best outcome for this other party.

    Is that somebody the Ontario government?

    I suggest not.  The Ontario Government is also a Steward.  Both CFO and the Ontario Government should be working co-operatively and effectively for the people of Ontario.  The greater good of the public is CFO's boss and the owner and beneficiary of the Supply Management System.  CFO manages a fiduciary trust in the Chicken Supply Management System for the best interests of all Ontario.

    Hopefully you now understand what CFO should be doing.  Hopefully CFO understands this too.  Did CFO's high priced business management consultant point out this important fact in great clarity to CFO's Board of Directors?  If not, why not?

    In CFO's Annual Report for 2014, I counted 42 mentions of Ontario's "consumer".  CFO can certainly talk a good game, saying all the right words.  At least CFO seems to know what the public wants to hear.  At least CFO has that well in hand.

    The question remains,

    Is that CFO's hypocrisy and an attempt at their wrong, dysfunctional manipulation of consumers? 

    Or does CFO really care about serving the public?

    This is CFO's 50th anniversary.

    Past performance of CFO's results at serving the public get a "D" grade.  Unacceptable!

    Will CFO admit its past failures, and take remedial action to dramatically and quickly improve its performance?

    It appears to me that CFO has too much pride.  At this point, they'd rather pretend all is well, rather than know for sure, or admit their shortcomings.

    Likely that will continue until something else forces CFO to change for the better.

    Where will that "something" come from?  When will it arrive on CFO's doorstep?


    Friday, March 20, 2015

    CFO Millionaires want to be Billionaires Sooner

    Chicken Farmers of Ontario ("CFO"), lobbyists for 1,138 millionaire chicken farmers of Ontario, appealed to OFPMC for immediate relief of their members' terrible plight.  Those millionaires suffered a $0.051/kg price cut under the new farm gate pricing formula, which slows the rate at which those millionaires can become billionaires.  CFO says that is totally unacceptable, and cannot be tolerated.

    "Being a millionaire chicken farmer in Ontario, I am now forced to make tough choices...a new
    tractor or a new Maserati sports car.  I can no longer afford both."
    Did you hear about the  Chicken Mafia farmer?  He would have to choose between buying a new tractor or a new Maserati, he could no longer afford both.

    In 2014, CFO and their henchmen produced 470.7 million kg of live chicken.  At a loss of $0.051/kg, that is an average loss of $21,095 per Chicken Mafia farmer.

    If I was one of them, I'd likely be sore about losing $21,000 per year from my pay cheque.
    2015 Kia Optima, $24,795 MSRP

    Enough empathy?  OK, let's continue.

    That $21,000 won't buy you a Maserati, but it could have bought a brand new 2015 Kia.

    The question remains, were the Chicken Mafia previously over-paid, or are they now under-paid?

    I think I have previously answered that question, in spades.  More than 2 years ago, I presented the objective evidence that the Chicken Mafia had raped the Canadian public for bogus chicken charges from false and misleading Feed Conversion Ratio charges, totaling $945 Million per year for about 10 years (see Blog posting Bogus FCR takes $945 Million per year from Canadians ).

    By each Chicken Mafia farmer disgorging $21,095 per year of the previously ill got gains, it will be 166 years before they have repaid their debt to society.

    Slow, to be sure, but at least they have started the reimbursement process.

    At CFO's AGM on 2015/03/12, CFO and its members were complaining about this repayment plan (see here and here).  They want to change the rules again, more in their favor.  It's tough being a millionaire when you really want to be a billionaire.

    When AOCP heard that CFO wanted another kick at the cat, they too came up with "improvements" to help themselves.  Shockingly, AOCP was mentioning that they are in favor of "...advancing the industry through growth, increased efficiencies and consumer focus."

    Consumer focus?

    Are they feeling OK?

    Since when were CFO and AOCP concerned about anybody but themselves?

    I hope this is more than a bargaining ploy.  If it is for real, we support and welcome it.

    If OFPMC is opening it up, perhaps Small Flockers should submit our Christmas List to Santa.  If not, our wish list may arrive too late.

    I immediately sent an email to Mr. Gerri Kamertz, Chairman of OFPMC, CFO's supervisory body.  Here is a copy for you to enjoy.  Small Flockers' letter to OFPMC

    What do you think?