Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bitch and Complain

An anonymous person claiming to be a pig farmer, presumably from Canada, complained that the fearless leader of SFPFC complains too much about the chicken Supply Management System.  Is he right?

A complaint about our complaining.  Hypocrisy at its best?

The pig farmer's posting on Better Farming was responded to as follows by yours truly:

In response to "Expert for a Guy Who Raises 1 Chicken"

Three years ago, all I knew about chickens was how to spell it, and eat it.  I had to learn the hard way in a very short period of time.  I still have much more to learn.  I am far from being an expert.

Currently, I have 99 layers and 1 meat bird.  I will be ordering meat bird chicks soon to pasture raise between 100 to 300 meat birds this year, depending on how many farm gate customers I can round up.

Your comment of "Raises 1 chicken" seems to be referring to our previous decision to have just 1 meat bird while our OMAFRA Appeal was active.  Is that issue still relevant for some reason?

I agree with you.  It does seem like I'm continuously  complaining about Supply Management Chicken.

Maybe I have cause to complain.

Perhaps I complain so much because I'm advocating for the rights and freedoms stolen from Small Flock Poultry Farmers all across Canada, myself included.

Perhaps it's because CFO, CFC, and most of the other players in Supply Management keep poking Small Flockers with their sharp regulatory stick.

If someone started poking you with a sharp stick, and they wouldn't stop when you asked them nicely, how many pokes would it take before you start complaining?

The sharp stick of the SM Chicken System isn't just poking Small Flockers.  They also poke every Canadian consumer when they reign over a system that charges 50% to 300% more than what other countries pay for chicken.

The SM Chicken Overlords allow and encourage steady increases in chicken prices, even more than what they are allowed under the law (eg. bogus FCR claims), so that chicken affordability dropped 37% between 1995 to 2005 for someone earning Minimum Wage in Ontario.

The SM Chicken Overlords sleep while 30% to 80% of the retail chicken sold in Ontario are contaminated with E.coli, Salmonella, Heidelberg, listeria, campylobacter, or other deadly pathogens.

The SM Overlords count their gold coins while crazy cocktails of drugs and chemicals are fed to some or most CAFO chickens so that those millionaire SM chicken profiteers maximize their profits.

Health Canada reports that 7.6% of Canadian families can't afford the food they need to feed themselves.  In Nunavut, 75% of pre-school chicken don't eat on any particular day because their is no food in the house.  Poor Canadians go "grocery shopping" by searching for food in the municipal garbage dump.  Between 1989 and 2014, Food Bank usage in Canada is up 220%.  Chicken should be the least expensive meat, and more affordable for all.  Yet the SM Chicken Overlords focus their efforts on moving their members from millionaires to billionaires.

By the death grip with which they hold and protect their precious monopoly, the SM Monopolists prevent 430,000 new jobs from being created all across Ontario, and the prosperity those jobs could bring to hundreds of small communities and remote areas.

So maybe you're right.  Maybe I do complain too much. 

If you (or anybody else who would like to do so) will kindly explain why I should stop complaining about any of the issues listed above, and provide reasonable and sufficient arguments that I can easily understand, I am willing to drop that issue from my list of complaints against Canada's SM Chicken Overlords.

Glenn Black
Small Flock Poultry Farmers of Canada
The posting above was submitted to Better Farming.  The majority of that SFPFC response was published by BF here.  It's interesting that BF censored the following parts with their comment "Editor: comment has been modified by editor in accordance with our guidelines.":

The SM Chicken Overlords sleep while 30% to 80% of the retail chicken sold in Ontario are contaminated with E.coli, Salmonella, Heidelberg, listeria, campylobacter, or other deadly pathogens.

The SM Overlords count their gold coins while crazy cocktails of drugs and chemicals are fed to some or most CAFO chickens so that those millionaire SM chicken profiteers maximize their profits.
The pathogen contamination of Ontario chicken is well documented by researchers at University of Guelph, Canadian Food Inspection Agency ("CFIA"), Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC"), and others (see Blog posting Contaminated Chicken and here).

For the drugs, antibiotics, and chemicals that are injected into and/or fed to CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) chickens, and the resulting consequences, see the following Blog postings:
Based on these and many other well documented and researched incidents, it would seem that there is sufficient prima facia evidence to make the allegations that I have made against the CAFO chicken factory operations that operate under Canada's Supply Management System.

It is therefore curious that BF censored these two issues from my posted response to our disappointed pig farmer.  I hope to hear BF's logic and reasons for the censorship.

One response on BF to the pig farmer's complaint about SFPFC suggested that:
"Evil prevails when good men do nothing",
That appears to be a paraphrasing of a quote widely attributed to Plato, who said:
 "The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men."
 or the original movie of Leo Tolstoy's book War and Peace, where the narrator said in Russian:
"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"
or Albert Einstein's quote:
"The world is in greater peril from those who tolerate or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it."
or perhaps from Edmond Burke (1729 - 1797)

In the meantime, what is your opinion?  Do we belly ache and complain too much?  Are our issues mere triflings that we need to forget about, get a life, and move on?  Please leave your comments on this important issue.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bird Flu Disaster

Can we learn something from the recent and on-going Bird Flu disaster?  I believe we can learn that CAFO commercial chicken factories are defective, corrupt, and biosecurity disasters.

Bird Flu Risk for CAFO factory farms is 77 times higher than for small flock farms
How do we explain this?

In Ontario, Chicken Farmers of Ontario ("CFO") reported in 2014 there is 1,138 commercial CAFO mega chicken factories, but 15,500 small flock chicken farmers.  In Canada, there is about 2,700 CAFO commercial chicken farmers, but we estimate there are far more than 60,000 small flock poultry farmers.

The largest Ontario flock in CAFO (Confined Animal Feeding Operations) factory barns is around 200,000 birds.  However, a small flock can be just 2 birds.  In Ontario, half of the small flocks have less than 57 birds according to CFO's data.

According to USDA data, 85% of the Bird Flu infections occur for CAFO factory farms.  It is suggested the same ratio holds for Ontario and Canada.

We will assume the the number of flocks that could be infected, multiplied by the Probability of infection, gives us the number of infected farms.  This is in accordance with typical disease spread modeling.  We assumed that 1 Small Flock becomes infected.  This indicates that 5.7 CAFO flocks will become infected, producing an 85% infection ratio for CAFO.

In spite of these flock ratios of between 13 to 22 to 1 (ie. an average of 17.5 small flocks for every commercial chicken factory in Ontario), the CAFO mega chicken factories have 85% of the Bird Flu outbreaks, a 1:5 ratio.

With a 17:1 flock ratio but a 1:5 Bird Flu infection ratio, it appears that the commercial CAFO factory farms have an Bird Flu infection rate 77.18 times higher than what the small flocks have. 

How do we explain this 77 time higher probability that CAFO chicken factories become infected?

It may be easy to assume that God has smitten the CAFO chicken farmer and Chicken Supply Management with a plague as retribution for their past sins.

However, there is an easier, and less judgmental answer.  The easiest explanation it that the CAFO chicken factories are defective, corrupt, and biosecurity disasters.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Chicken Bone Soup

The crushing of Canada's Middle Class, the poor, and Small Flock Poultry Farmers continues unabated.  The millionaire Supply Management ("SM") beneficiaries, who aim to soon be billionaires, continue to receive the unjust benefits that their lobbyists have arranged for their Special Interest SM Mafia Masters.  Will these crushing conditions have any impact on the Fall 2015 Federal election in Canada?

At least we get a chicken bone.  Perhaps we can use it to make some Chicken Soup

If Canadians don't wake up from their long, deep sleep, the abuse will continue.

Agriculture has the most active corp of lobbyists at both the Federal and Provincial levels; far greater than any other sector of the economy.

Supply Management ("SM") lobbyists constantly whisper into the ears of politicians and bureaucrats, befriending them, supporting them financially and otherwise.  Is it any wonder we continue to have a SM system that benefits a select few while the public is kept in the dark and a propaganda-induced coma?

Some cracks in the palace walls of the SM castle can already be plainly seen by all who look.  Click on the link to read one or many examples under that topic:
Those 8 main cracks listed above (and others) continue to grow each day, mainly due to the inherent design flaws in the SM system.

Eventually, a small but significant shock event will occur from some unknown source.  That exogenous shock will suddenly accelerate the growth rate of those 8 SM cracks which previously grew naturally.  When one of those 8 cracks meets another crack, significant structural weakness will eventually occur in those SM walls.  The walls of the SM temple will then be weak enough to pose a danger, and a solution.  For at that time, those weakened walls of SM can be more easily breached and removed, freeing Canadians from their oppression by the SM Mafia.

Canadians have the primary role and natural strength to defeat the SM powers that enslave and persecute them.  First however, Canadians must wake up and learn the truth of how they have been abused and oppressed by the SM Mafia and their dysfunctional systems.  

Who knows.  A modern day Joshua may arrive to help topple the SM castle walls of today, perhaps similar to what happened to Jericho in 1,400 BC.

The timing of this awakening is unclear.  It could happen in time to impact this Fall 2015 election.  The Conservative Government of today certainly hopes that the citizens stay asleep in the dreamy work of propaganda they have created.

The sooner the Canadian citizens awake, the better.  SFPFC will be ready to share and help the awakening, whenever it occurs.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Public Awakens

We need a few more incidents like Gordon Fraser and Nova Scotia's Turkey Trauma to get the public fully awake and aware.

Gordon Fraser, in his Nova Scotia butcher shop, has been
stopped from butchering turkeys after more than 34 years.
Photo: CBC News
I had previously blogged about the Nova Scotia small rural butcher, Gordon Fraser, who has been butchering and an abattoir for 34 year without incident (see here, here, here, here,and here).

In one recent article by CBC News about Gordon Fraser being shut down from processing turkeys any more, the article attracted 15 comments from the public.

I find it interesting that all 15 comments are in support of Gordon Fraser.

When was the last issue that 100% of the public's opinion was in support of something?

With the 5,000 signatures on the MLA's petition to the Nova Scotia Legislature, will it be enough to turn the tide against the millionaire monopolists, in favor of small, safe, affordable, and local agriculture?

If not, the LIberal Government had better watch out.  This could soon become an election issue, if not in Nova Scotia, perhaps all across Canada.

Canadians are awakening, slow but sure, from their long deep sleep.  Like a grumpy bear coming out of their den in Spring, the government had better ensure that they have been doing the right things while the bear slept.

The consequences could be deadly.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Mis-Guided Mission?

Nova Scotia's Turkey Trauma continues unabated.  Is it based upon a mis-guided Mission by the Honorable Minister of Agriculture, Keith Colwell?
Does anybody recognize this person?  Who
might it be?  Could it be the nameless
bureaucrat who decided, approved, or acquiesced
to shutting down all of Nova Scotia's
small, local abattoirs?

The Chronicle Herald in Truro, NS covered the Minister's address and Q&A session at the annual meeting of the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture held on Nov. 27, 2014.  This may seem like ancient history to write about this 6 months later, but you'll soon see why the review is necessary.

A Good Question

Farmer Robert Richards from Dutch Brook, near Sydney NS started it off by telling the Minister "This is not appropriate business” for the NS government to allow an inspection crackdown on small meat processors that has forced longtime turkey processor Gordon Fraser of Pictou County to turn off his turkey plucker.

Minister Colwell responded that:
  • "Food safety takes priority over everything"; and

  • Warned that if that facility or any other uninspected facility in the province processes food that causes someone to get gravely ill or die, Nova Scotia producers won’t be selling their product anywhere, and

    "That’s the last thing we need in Nova Scotia."
I find both of the Minister's answers to be very telling.

Analysis of Minister's Answers

The Minister's first answer seems to be hyperbole on food safety.

Yes, food safety is important, but isn't the only issue to be considered.

For example, if food safety truly take priority over everything else, then this means that striving for food safety perfection comes first and foremost.  The Minister is proposing that it doesn't matter if adequate quantity of food is available to feed the people, or that its affordable, or distributed to all regions, just as long as food safety is perfect.  Obviously, that leads us in the wrong direction.

First of all, there is no such thing as "perfectly safe food".  There will always be some risk, no matter how small that risk may be for a particular food.  What we need is adequate levels of safety from managed risks, that considers safety, nutritional content, affordability, tasty, and readily available in all areas of the province.  Balance, not extremeism of food safety, first & foremost, regardless of the cost and feasibility.

If a wildcat farmer or incompetent food producer causes a food safety disaster, it can severely hurt the industry, both big and small producers.  In that, I think everyone agrees.  However, that risk is far greater with the large, mechanized, poorly inspected, widely distributed foods; not a small local producer with 34 years of excellence.

By placing too restrictive controls or prohibitions onto the people, the government makes it less safe.  When people lose their freedoms unjustly due to some bureaucratic whim, the people will become frustrated and seek alternatives to restore their rights and freedoms.  Non-compliance with the law is often an option.  Black market operations, where the consumer helps sponsor and hide the back alley solutions, will naturally spring up.  Eventually, something will go wrong, and the disaster will occur, in spite of the government's ban.

Another Question

Robert Parker of Central West River asked the Minister why a solution could not be reached to keep the small butcher shops open while ensuring health and safety.

No answer by the Minister to Robert Parker's question was recorded in the Truro Daily News article.

Pictou North Colchester Federation of Agriculture passed two resolutions in support of gordon Fraser and similar other abattoir-butcher shops.

Unfortunately, their parent organization, Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture defeated both of these motions when they were asked to ratify the local chapter's actions on a providence-wide basis.  See coverage on this NSFA meeting here.

Robert Parker believes the NSFA defeated these motions because the provincial body is more concerned with the mega farms, rather than the small farmers, and mega-farms are helped by destroying the small. local farms.  That theory was dismissed and denied by a spokesperson for NSFA.

When the province-wide NSFA defeated the two motions, the Nova Scotia government likely assumed incorrectly that they had adequate cover to ignore the situation.

Mis-Guided Mission

I have been told that when Minister Colwell took office, he adopted a personal Mission (or vendetta ?) to close down all non-certified abattoirs and food processing plants.  He is said that prior governments and MLA's were not willing or able to take on that Mission, but he was going to do it.

Some may think that Colwell's personal Mission is due to lobbyists working for the millionaire Big Ag-Big Food bosses who whisper in his ear.  The Minister sayshe is only motivated by better food safety for the people of Nova Scotia.

For now, I will take the Minister at his word, until we have prima facia evidence to the contrary.

However, the question remains, is Minister Colwell more committed to food safety, or to shutting down all of the small abattoirs?  Is Minister Colwell more interested in the means, or the goal?  What would he decide if he learns that shutting down the small abattoirs makes food safety worse, or more risky?  Would he still be committed to the means, rather than the end goal?

Reasonableness and flexibility, or stubborn pig-headedness?  Is Minister Colwell willing to listen, and consider other facts?

Hopefully the Minister will re-consider his priorities and plans before it is too late.

Ontario went too aggressive in 2004 after Justice Haine's Meat Report, contrary to Justice Haines' recommendations (see Meat Regulations Gone Wild).  Ontario subsequently lost almost all of its small independent meat processors in the following years.  Since then, OMAFRA had to admit its mistake, offer grants and subsidies to build new replacement abattoirs, and retract the excessive regulations.  The Ontario meat industry still has not recovered, in spite of these huge efforts and expenditures.

If nothing else works, a total pig-headed unwillingness to look facts in the face will see us through.
If nothing else works, a total pig-headed unwillingness to look facts in the face will see us through.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Food Safety, but at what Price ?

The NS's Turkey Mafia moved to shut down a rural butcher shop-abattoir that served the local small flock turkey farmers for 36 years. Nova Scotia's Agriculture Minister Cowell justified the actions of the Turkey Mafia by claiming that uncertified butcher shop-abattoirs cannot be allowed to continue operating due to the food safety issues and liability.

The re-use of the Mockingjay broach from
The Hunger Games seems fitting for Nova Scotia's
war against Small Flock Turkey Farmer
For our previous Blog postings on NS' Turkey Trauma, see here, here, and here.

I call them the Turkey Mafia, as they are a handful of special interest, millionaire turkey farmers who somehow got a monopoly on turkeys in Nova Scotia by getting friendly politicians to pass more and more restrictive laws under Supply Management.  Armed with lobbyists whispering into the ears of bureaucrats and politicians, the Turkey Monopolists can safely act like their namesake Mafia, shutting down small flock turkey growers and those who supply them.  This unfair and unjust action under cover of Supply Management rules and food safety smoke screen, helps the Turkey Mafia protect their monopoly from any competition.  This helps the Turkey Mafia more quickly move from being paltry millionaires, and more quickly become newly minted billionaires.

It is our view that these Supply Management rules should be for the greater good of the public.  Supply Management should not be encouraging and enabling the Turkey Mafia to do price gouging, oppression, and abuse of the public; all of which have been going on for decades, all across Canada.

However, Minister Cowell is correct that food safety is important; but at what price?

If the food produced becomes too expensive to afford, it will rot unsold on the grocery store shelves; a loss for everyone.

Inspection and testing is important.  Restaurants throughout Canada regularly get inspected for cleanliness and following food safety protocols, and if necessary Health Inspectors can take bacterial swabs from key, critical surfaces in those restaurants.  Why can't that occur for small, rural abattoir-butcher shops too?

The formal, government approved systems for huge Big Ag, Big Food, Supply Management Mafia and their huge slaughter plants are the ones that have been killing Canadians.
Witness Maple Leaf Foods in Toronto, a Federally inspected & approved (supposedly, Federal inspection is a higher standard than just Provincial inspections) abattoir & meat processing plant that killed 22 people and made 58 seriously ill from food contaminated with deadly listeria bacteria.  Where were all the government protection systems then?

Witness XL Foods in Alberta that in 2012 poisoned 18 people with deadly E.coli 0157:H7.  In spite of XL Foods being the 2nd largest beef slaughter plant in Canada (or perhaps because it was), it was allowed to continue running with poor operating procedures, and even non-compliance to those half baked procedures, resulting in numerous batches of beef trimmings being contaminated for up to 2 years before the massive recall in 2012; all occurring under the government's negligent eyes.  Where were all the government protection systems then?

Unfortunately, there are many other examples of the government's system enabling the poisoning and killing of Canadian citizens who put too much trust in the government and their faulty food inspection systems.

University of Guelph, CFIA, and other scientists report that 30% to 80% of the raw chicken on grocery store shelves are contaminated with deadly bacteria, and 50% of those contaminated birds have Superbugs, resistant to 1 or more human antibiotics.  Again, all of these are produced by millionaire Big Food, Big Ag systems under the government's negligent eye and their mandatory inspection system.

Joel Salatin, a farmer with an on-farm butcher shop in Virginia USA regularly produces chickens and turkeys, one at a time with a sharp knife and a farmer's skill and care.  His birds have 1/10 of the bacterial contamination that's usually present in the birds produced by the large, automated factories operated under the USDA's approved system and inspectors.

It's the skilled and caring people, not the government's paperwork, that keeps the food safe. 

So based on these facts, should Gordon Fraser be allowed to continue to serve his customers and community with safe, nutritious, and affordable turkeys?

It appears the answer is a resounding YES!

Most or all of Gordon Fraser's customers for the past 34 years feel the same way.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Send Emails for NS Turkey Trauma

All readers of this Blog are respectfully requested to send an email to the government of Nova Scotia, asking them to back off the destruction and persecution of small flock turkey farmers and their supporting services in Nova Scotia.

We became aware last week of the repeated attacks upon small flock turkey farmers.  See Blog postings Turkey Trauma and Turkey Talk for Nova Scotia.

To help you get started, I have drafted a quick start.  It is better if you customize that draft so that it eactly matches for facts and feelings.

Click on the following link.  It will open your email program, then you can modify to suit.  Feel free to use any of the info that was in my email to these NS politicians (copy & paste at will).  See:   My previous email

Email the Government of Nova Scotia on Trauma Inflicted to Small Flock Turkey Farmers

* * *
The following is the text of the email I sent on 2015/05/11.  Borrow freely, as you please, to use in your email.
* * *
To: Nova Scotia's Premier, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Health, and MLA for Pictou West

I would like to support the continuation of small flock turkey growers in Nova Scotia, and the supporting infrastructure, such as Larkin Bros. PEI who raise turkey poults for NS turkey growers, and Gordon Fraser's 35 yrs. as a butcher shop-abattoir in Milbrook NS.

After being contacted by News 95.7 in Halifax this morning, I did a posting on our Blog (see, and a radio interview with Sheldon Macleod on News 95.7 FM radio Halifax NS.  I am glad to see the growing quantity and passion of support for small flock turkey farming in Nova Scotia.

I was also able to get a friend to get Nova Scotia some additional coverage too:

Hopefully this will soon be on the CBC National News, or equivalent.

Unfortunately, the "official, approved" system for commercial turkey production under Supply Management and/or Provincial/Federal Meat Regulations, in spite of best efforts and intentions to the contrary, puts everybody's life at risk; whether from bacterial contamination, Superbugs created from improper use of antimicrobial drugs, inferior nutritional quality of the resulting meat, or unaffordability.

In my experience, the Supply Management System, whether in NS or elsewhere in Canada, usually wants to hide behind the "food safety" smoke screen.

University of Guelph, CFIA, and other studies have repeatedly shown that 30% to 80% of retail chickens are significantly contaminated with deadly bacteria.  I assume similar problems with commercially produced turkeys under Supply Management.   A butcher with a sharp knife is often better than an expensive, high speed poultry processing machine usually used by the commercial factory farms and processors under Supply Management.  For manual evisceration done properly by a farmer or butcher, the resulting meat will often have 96% less bacterial contamination than the commercially produced meat (see ) .

There is a world-wide health crisis, and Canada is included in that crisis.  There are now more obese people in the world than the under-nourished.  Small flock turkeys in Nova Scotia can be (and is) a significant part of the solution to that health crisis.  In Nova Scotia, health care eats up about $4.5 billion of the province’s $9.5 billion annual budget; a whopping 47.4% of the NS provincial budget.

Many studies now indicate that up to 75% of human disease is caused or contributed to by poor nutrition, which includes poor eating habits.  Unfortunately, this can't be simply solved by "eating healthy".  For example, a hundred years ago, the potato was a rich source of Vitamin A and C, and many trace nutrients.  Not today, as the typical potato has lost almost all of its Vitamin A, lost 47% of their copper, lost 45% of their iron and lost 35% of their calcium.  It isn't just the potato that has suffered this terrible fate.  Many fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, and other foods are becoming more and more depleted.  For commercially produced chicken, there is now more fat, and the fat Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio has totally flipped to the unhealthy side in the last 50 years (Ref: BANT ). In other words, the good food isn't so good anymore.  Foods high in carbohydrates are now known to be addictive, and often result is a positive feedback loop, causing us to consume more of what is not good for us.  Blis point food research by large corporations and very powerful individuals (commonly called "Big Food") has purposefully (or inadvertently at least) caused the creation and marketing of foods that are more and more addictive.

All of this has been caused (or taken advantage of) by Big Food who are focused (exclusively, or nearly so) on maximizing their profits, regardless of the societal costs.  Seeking profits by corporations is what their government's charter and incorporation bylaws requires them to do, so it is no wonder that they do so.  Unfortunately, there are insufficient constraints on this inbred search for profits.  One of the indirect consequences of this profit seeking by Big Food is the slow evolution from locally produced food on local, family farms toward huge factory farms run by (or terribly influenced by) huge corporations.

In short, Big Food is directly and indirectly causing your provincial health budget to explode, and cruel suffering to be inflicted on millions of Canadians, including almost a million people in NS.  There are some indications that Big Food is somewhat aware of the terrible impact of their actions, but they choose to do little to nothing to remedy the situation.

One particularly gruesome example of Big Food is the Supply Management System in Canada for table eggs, hatching eggs, chicken, turkey, and dairy; a system which has been around for about 50 years.  It was created by the Federal and Provincial governments so as to help the farmers, so they can better provide the necessary food to Canadians.  The monopolies created by the governments and delegated to these industry sectors as a self-regulating and self-policing system has slowly evolved away from its intended focus on the greater good for the public.  It is now used as a weapon against Canadians.  For example, eggs in Canada are about 52% more expensive than in the USA.  Cheese and milk are 38% to 100% more expensive in Canada.  These are bad enough, but chicken is between 50% to 300% more expensive in Canada; king of Big Food's kleptocracy.  Farmers get some of this unfair and excessive profit, but it is mainly other players in the Big Food cartel who are the gluttons feeding on the consumer's pocketbook through these exorbitant prices.

Health Canada studies show that on average, 7.6% of Canadian families can't afford the food they need to feed their families; as high as 28% in Nunavut.  If Canadians can't afford the food they want and need, they are forced to buy what they can afford; which means even lower quality food.  This has a direct causal link to their subsequent poor health, and the extra health care services you are subsequently required to provide, and the extra bills taxpayers eventually have to pay.  Diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, fatty liver, rheumatoid arthritis, and Alzheimer's Disease are just some of the diseases linked to poor nutrition; most of which are seeing world-wide pandemics in incidence and prevalence rates, in both Canada and around the world.  It is estimated that if the current trends continue, diabetes alone will consume 100% of the total health care budget by 2045.

In the 1950's Canada was one of the best in the world for chicken FCR.  Today, New Zealand chicken farmers are the best with an FCR of 1.38 (versus Canada's 1.72), which places us 24.6% behind the world leaders, wallowing in mediocrity.  FCR directly affects price of chicken, so that a bad FCR puts Canada at a 14.8% price disadvantage with foreign chicken producers (if we assume non-FCR costs are similar, and since feed costs are 60% of the total cost of production; 0.6*1.246+0.4*1.0= 1.148= 14.8% price disadvantage for Canada).   Here is the background info on the poor FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio) that the 2,700 fat, dumb, & happy multi-millionaire chicken farmers in Canada have done to almost destroy the Canadian chicken industry.

The commercial poultry growers have also been doing weird things with drugs and chemicals.  See Frankenstein Chicken:

In Ontario, we estimate that 430,000 new jobs can be created by allowing Small Flock farmers to have just 10% of the provincial chicken market, producing local food, and helping the rural economy.  If we assume the same ratio for NS, you could create 29,700 new jobs for NS via small flock farming and local food.  (see ).  That could be achieved with the stroke of a pen by the NS Minister of Agriculture, with 30 days notice.  No expenditure required.  How's that for job creation cost & speed?

There will soon be 10 Billion people on this planet as the current population demographic holes fill in over the next 50 years or so.  The world needs more food, and Canada could supply a significant part of it.  Unfortunately, we are blocked by Big Food, especially Canada's Supply Management System.  For example, Canada is currently in last place (7th out of 7) of the OECD nations for chicken exports; a mere 1.4% market share of this Billion dollar export market.  If we changed Supply Management, we could slowly improve, catch up with the rest of the world, and eventually provide up to 50% of the OECD market.  At that level, Canada would have to produce 5 times more chicken than what we do today.  That would be Billions in additional GDP for Canada, and thousands more of good permanent jobs, reducing your Nova Scotia unemployment rate, as well as Canada's overall.  We can't do that today because Canada's Chicken Mafia is content with the continued raping and plundering of innocent Canadians, rather than exporting.

The Feb. 2014 Iveny Report (One Nova Scotia) noted that a crisis currently exists in NS, especially for rural areas, and recommends agriculture, local food, and exporting food as viable solutions.  Small flock turkeys in Nova Scotia are an example of the recommended solutions.

Since your NS political predecessor and your provincial political neighbours created this Frankenstein monster of Supply Management that repeatedly attacks Canadian consumers and small flock poultry producers, I believe it is the politicians who are responsible to rein in this out-of-control Big Food monster.  Since it is better to start with the root cause rather than the symptom, that is why something needs to be immediately done, first and foremost, about the Supply Management wing of Big Food, as this is the worst of the worst.

If you seek documentation to convince you of the statements and allegations made here, please feel free to visit our Blog where I have documented and explained these chronic sins against Canadians by Big Food, the Chicken Mafia, and the Egg Mafia (see ).

You will have to convince and enjoin your Cabinet colleagues to act in unison with you on this important issue.  If you or your Cabinet colleagues ignore, doubt and fail to verify, delay, lose your perseverance, or forget about this issue, then thousands of people (some of them your constituents), will suffer the cruel consequences.

As to your NS citizen Mr. Gordon Fraser, who is currently being attacked by the Turkey Mafia, if Mr. Fraser wants to help small flock turkey producers by continuing to provide turkey abattoir services, as he has done for the last 35 years, in an ecologically sustainable, efficient, safe, clean, and nutritious manner, I think it is paramount for the Nova Scotia government to find some way to convince, encourage, or force the Nova Scotia branch of the Turkey Mafia to consult and accommodate him in some reasonable manner (and all other small flockers and local abattoirs of a similar nature)  in their current supply management system.  Similarly, we must permit small flock farmers to continue obtaining turkey poults from Larkin Bros. in PEI, and other local food endeavors to thrive; in spite of the entrenched Big Food monopolists, and the swarming of their lobbyists in the back halls and offices of government.

Beyond the current Turkey Trauma in Nova Scotia, here is how we suggest the overall Supply Management system be improved:

Thank-you for your prompt attention and consideration of these important issues for immediate resolution by your government.

Glenn Black   President
Small Flock Poultry Farmers of Canada
c/o 576 Firehall Rd.    P.O. Box 101
Providence Bay ON P0P 1T0
Phone (705)-377-4039

Small Flock Poultry Farmers of Canada is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to communicate, discuss, and advocate for the civil rights and important role that small flock poultry farmers can play (and should play) in Canadian Society.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Turkey Talk for Nova Scotia

Small Flock turkey growers in Nova Scotia are in trouble, under attack from the Turkey Mafia.  Here are some letter of support for our members and friends Down East.

In a previous Blog posting (see Turkey Trauma ), we described the loss of an important, small abattoir-butcher shop in Millbrook NS, run by Gordon Fraser.  We described how the supply of turkey poults (young turkeys) to small flock turkey farmers has been cut off from Larkin Bros. in PEI.  With no source of poults, and nowhere to get your fully grown turkey butchered, the small flock turkey farmers of Nova Scotia have been totally stranded and beached on the rocky shore of Supply Management.  The Turkey Mafia have done their dirty work very successfully.  They made no coup de grace, but indirectly made the fatal blows that will cause the withering on the vine.  A sneak attack from the rear.

In support of our brothers and sisters in Nova Scotia, SFPFC has written a number of letters to call attention to this mean spirited attack by the Turkey Mafia.

Here are copies of the letters we sent so all to see:

Email 1: To the Liberal Government of Nova Scotia (Premier, Minister of Health, Minister of Agriculture), and local MLA Karla MacFarlane, PC

Email 2: To News 95.7 FM (Halifa NS), thanks for their news coverage of Turkey Trauma in NS

Email 3: Request for additional Ag. News coverage of Turkey Trauma in NS

Email 4: To MLA Karla MacFarlane (PC), Pictou West NS

What more can we do to expose these insideous, indirect attacks on the small flock turkey farmers of Nova Scotia?

While Nova Scotia's small flock turkey farmers are under attack today, don't think that this is the end of the SM Mafia's attack on Small Flockers.  If you breath a sigh of relief that you have escaped their persecution, think again.  Political apathy will seal our fate.

They Thought They Were Free
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
 Martin Niemöller ( 1892 - 1984), a German Lutheran pastor
and theologian born in Lippstadt, Germany
speaking of the Jewish Holocaust in Nazi Germany